After initial meetings with each of the comedians in early Feb. and March, the choices were made as to who would be involved in the show.
The first official meeting with all comedians together was on March 8th. The first few shows were already scheduled and about 3 weeks away.

Ideas were flying around on how to make this a full production show and ministry, and not just a comedy club act.
 Having the correct stage design and overall feel would prove to be a challenge in that short of time and no budget.
 The H2O letters were agreed to be part of the stage backdrop along with some artwork.
The voice overs for each comedians intros were recorded that night. It was agreed that having each comedian talk a little about themselves before they came out, would help break the ice with the audience. I'm not sure anybody knew what to expect at this point or how they would work. The main intro to the show was also discussed, but would come at later time.
The meeting ended on a positive note with everybody excited about the possibility's of a great ministry.
First rough sketch was done by Trace McNutt of Calvary Chapel St. Pete.

The final logo
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