The construction of the H2O letters began in the first week of April 2013, and would take about 2 weeks to complete. Everything was made by hand in our spare time out of scrap metal. The faces were all painted in the 2nd week and it was time to light them up for the first time. Wow, it was like looking at the sun. They were so bright you couldn't look directly at them. We decided it would be best to tone them down some, rather than providing the audience with sun glasses.
The first prints were also made during this time in the evening hours. It was decided that they would all be hand painted and not computer generated. We wanted the look of street art, that you might see walking down the streets of N.Y. city, and that couldn't be accomplished by a computer. The artwork is not perfect and was never intended to be.
The final touches on the comedians personal intro’s were complete and the work on the shows main intro began. The beginning music was all original from a song called “ We will show the way” recorded by Richard Williams. The voice over was done by William Rivera.
1 week before first show.
With all the stage designs and intro’s complete we were still missing something in the main intro to the show. We had nothing that really said what this show was all about.
We decided to make a pre intro that explains the purpose of H2O and our goal as a ministry. Back to the studio we go. We brought Steve Bodine in to do the voice over, and in a short time later we had it complete.
With 2 days before the first show the finale meeting was held, and everybody got to see the final stage designs and hear the main intro to the show in person the first time. With everyone pleased and excited, the show was ready.
h2o_no_music002002.gif h2o_no_music007002.gif h2o_no_music008002.jpg h2o_no_music008001.jpg