April 26th
H2O Begins at Calvary Chapel in St. Pete. with Pastor Scott Rodriguez. Close to a 1000 people showed up for the first show in which all proceeds went to benefit a Washington DC missions trip. Calvary was recording the whole show, and the DVD would later be sold in their book store to help the missions trip.
Not Sure of each others ability and having never worked with each other before , the comedians were a little nervous at first, but soon realized this was something special.
The show went on flawlessly, and the people at Calvary had a great time, and were so supportive of this ministry.
After watching the DVD from Calvary Chapel, we decided to continue adding to the stage design and make it more exciting to watch.
The first thing we did was add small strobe lights to the H2O letters to make them look like they were sparkling. Other changes were in the works to stretch the look of the stage further out from the letters by adding more artwork.

Future updates will be added, as the show will be forever changing.
h2o_no_music002002.gif h2o_no_music007001.jpg h2o_no_music007001.jpg