Debi Vinnedge - "I loved the whole show. They were very, very funny. They also spoke from their hearts about their personal relationship with the Lord. I took my grand daughter and she loved it too. It gave us something to relate to afterwards, retelling and relaughing at all of the very clever jokes and stories. Very well done"
Dan Johnston - "It was a powerful evening on so many levels. I could see Christ shining through each performer. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit waeving throughout the jammed packed room filled with people belly laughing all night. All six comedians are very funny, but, they are more than that. They are very spiritual, loving and giving as well. The warmth was overwhelming, none of us wanted it to end. I was awe inspired by what God is doing through H2O - Humor 2 Outreach."
The group H20 was superb at Christian Comedy....A great job done by all..The one person that was with me was a lady that was not a Christian. She had a very distorted opinion about Christians that were stuffy, bible thumpers, hippocrites.....To say the least....Her & her husband became friends of Burl & me by walking our dogs at the park. Her husband died over 2 years ago. He had terminal cancer. When we heard he was very ill we went over to see him. He was in bed & called out to us to please come see him. His wife refused to let us go back because she didn't want us to bother him, (us being Christians and all.) For 2 years she & I have become more involved as friends. She just couldn't understand my personality (I am a little different you know) just didn't match her idea of what a Christian is. Make a long story short she is just a few steps away from going to church. Her name is Pinkey, the short little lady that was sitting to left of me. She was the one that started ,"That was a good one." I almost p--- my pants...We stopped at McDonalds after the show & her opinion of Christians changed drastically, thanks to H20 & especially the hugs that were passed around by everyone....
Love,Hugs, Blessings, Carla